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Want to develop or change your business,
lower costs and increase turnover or margins?
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If you’re looking for profitable growth, wanting to steer your business in a new direction, looking for a new strategy for product and production technology or need to secure your financial position, you’re in the right place.

Our senior consultants‘ expertise and experience make us what we are. Using our modular working platform as a basis, we think and work by focusing on the big picture. We work with the most diverse of partners and have a global perspective.

In a nutshell: we increase your value. We manage risks in a little more detail, meaning that we increase your returns through cost optimisation and increased turnover. We realign your company strategy. We manage acute crises and restructure companies.

Increasing your value – managing risks

Generating profitable growth and increase the value of companies. Securing your financial position and managing crises. This is our promise to you. Those are the strengths of C3 business consultancy.

You will benefit from across the board know-how and the wealth of experience of highly-qualified specialists.



These specialists have many years of proven expertise – in the fields of business development and strategic realignment, production and engineering, restructuring and reorganisation, new start-ups, human resources and organisational development, financing and raising capital, mergers and acquisitions as well as marketing and sales.

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