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“Our company should have a future after we are gone!”

Going concern assumptions

Our clients

  • are involved in mechanical engineering and the industrial production of goods.
  • are mostly small and medium-sized businesses of up to 1,500 employees in the metalworking and plastics sectors.
  • come to a far lesser extent from the service sector.

We are a global company. Our clients supply domestic and overseas markets and also produce goods within Europe, Asia and North America.
We also work together with our clients to tackle difficult assignments, for example in Eastern Europe.

Our solutions for you

  • Securing your financial position and tax optimisation
  • Stabilising competitiveness in the market at a high level
  • Consolidation of the company and long-term, profitable growth

Our consultancy portfolio

  • Market and sales analysis
  • Product and production system analysis
  • SWOT and risk analysis
  • Concept of future development and realignment of the company
  • Concept of change management to implement defined goals
  • Assistance and shared responsibility in implementation of concepts

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